Good News of the Week: Locals Rescue Cat from Oil City Rooftop

| April 20, 2016

12993497_10208984804555689_7890606628376279172_n-2OIL CITY, Pa. (EYT) – A kitten was rescued Monday by a group of Good Samaritans after being stranded on the roof of an abandoned two-story house on Innis Street in Oil City.

“We heard it meowing on Saturday, but didn’t notice it was on the roof until Sunday,” said Jamie Kase of Oil City. “I never thought to look on the roof until my kids were playing and spotted her.”

Kase reached out to various local agencies, but they were unable to provide assistance.

After running out of options, Kase decided to turn to social media for help.

“I know posting here about this issue is a long shot, but this cat is in a desperate situation,” said Kase in the Facebook group Venango Voice. “She’s getting weaker and weaker from dehydration and if she’s not rescued soon, I’m afraid the inevitable will happen.”

The response was overwhelming as hundreds of local Facebook users expressed concern for the stranded feline.

Rescue efforts were underway a short time later when a group led by Jeremy Sires, Andrew Shawgo, Jim Rhinebolt, Brittany Fritz, Mark Matthews, Sherri Fenstermaker, and Angel Heart arrived at the abandoned house.

Three of the men used two ladders to reach the roof of the house where Sires was then able to climb up and retrieve the cat.

Sires brought the cat to safety by climbing down from the roof via a nearby tree.

“It was the right thing to do,” said Sires. “I love animals. I (wasn’t going to) let it suffer. I’m just a simple guy with morals that I stick to.”

During the rescue, approximately 50 people stopped to offer help.

“I just couldn’t leave her there. It broke my heart,” said Kase. “I honestly believe had she not been rescued, she wouldn’t have survived another day.”

“It restored my faith in humanity that so many people would come out to help a total stranger rescue an animal they’d never even seen before.”

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