Letter to the Editor: Ba Humbug!

| December 16, 2013

You’re all gonna be mad when I say this, but I think I’m gonna tell my kids, both ten and nine, that Santa is a lie.

I’m tired of that apparition getting all of the credit for my overtime at work.

The man hasn’t been around since 343 AD. All the while, we’re at “Let’s run a 24 hour ticker on all television stations in case anyone of age is on the fence about the truth.” The only thing holding me back is the fact that my wife believes to the contrary; her children’s belief in Santa is evidence of their innocence, which should be nurtured and cherished.

My heart is in the right place, I swear. As the man of the house, I want some of that credit to go back to my wife who really burns the calories to get my kids the things that they have been really hoping for throughout the year. We really do say “no” over a pack of gum, so when Christmas rolls around we say “yes” more than we probably should.

More importantly, I want to tell them the truth, so that they may start preparing for the reality of service and work. They, along with your children, are the best hope that this world has in turning itself around. They may be the last hope that we have.

Have you watched the news lately? We may not be able to take a break from the bad news, even on Christmas. I want my kids to start focusing on the bigger questions that matter – What are my dreams? Where will the world need servants? How can I fulfill my life’s vision?

You know, the questions that trigger in the youth of today the deer in the headlight response.

Finally, and maybe paramount, we’re liars! That’s the part that no one wants to talk about. Go back in your mind. Weren’t we all a little mad about the truth. I believe my immediate reaction was, “What else have you lied to me about?” I still haven’t recovered.

Think about where the lies come from every day: we sugar coated 9/11; we down played Boston; never do we connect Sandy and Hook in the same sentence. Do we handicap our children from understanding truth with these lies? There are healthy ways of discussing difficult things with our children. Does anyone dare?

I’m gonna keep lying, so hold your angry letters MOTPOTS (Mothers Of The Preservation Of The Santa). I promise to let my kindhearted wife take the lead on this one.

I just really wonder when my kids are going to be happy to know the truth; it seems to be happening a lot later in life for each generation.

I just want this lie buried before I start to fit Santa’s profile!

~Robert Whitlaw

Robert Whitlaw has been in education for the past 19 years in both private and public education. He has a masters in curriculum and instruction as well as a principal certificate.

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