Murder Victim’s Mother Speaks Out on Decision Not to Attend Trial: ‘It Would Break Me’

| April 8, 2019

FRANKLIN, Pa. (EYT) – The mother of a Franklin woman who was brutally murdered is speaking out about her decision not to attend the trial.

(Pictured: Tausha Lee Baker with her sister Caitlin Cache Lawrence and her mother Evelyn Denise Lawrence. Photo provided by Evelyn Lawrence.)

Evelyn Lawrence, the mother of murder victim Tausha Baker, shared with a letter that she addressed to the district attorney and President Judge Oliver J. Lobaugh.

“I’d like to explain my feelings on attendance at this trial,” the letter begins.

“My family is Adamant that I should attend to show my support for Tausha; while Dr. Gent, an many friends, feel that attendance would be detrimental. I personally believe that it would break me, both mentally and emotionally, to have to listen to all the details of what my daughter had to suffer through on her last day on Earth. I feel there is nothing I can do in that courtroom except to relive the horror of that day, and to build up resentment and hatred from those involved in her torture and death.”

In the letter, Lawrence goes on to state that she is afraid of people trying to discredit Tausha by implying that her life choices made her responsible for her own death.

“Tausha was not perfect. She made her share of bad choices and mistakes, as most young people an adults do. My choice is to honor my daughter by remembering her positive assets, and not dwelling on those past mistakes. I’m not sure I could control my emotions enough to not shout out the injustice of only bringing out the negative aspects of her life,” the letter continues.

“I am relying on the justice system to do their job. I hope and pray that they have all the evidence they need to convict the people who are responsible for her death, ultimately bring Justice for Tausha. My non-attendance at this trial in no way implies that Tausha didn’t matter; that she was not important. It is only my means of self preservation; ensuring that I will be able to continue on in life, and live that life honoring my daughter on a daily basis.”

“My anxiety is through the roof,” Lawrence said in a phone interview with last Wednesday. “The trial started today, and I just want the public to know why I can’t be there.”

According to Lawrence, she has been taking things “day by day” and trying to focus on remembering all the wonderful things she loved about her daughter.

“I’m keeping focused on positive thoughts of Tausha being in Heaven and on getting justice for Tausha,” she said.

“I know Tausha always wanted me to be happy and not sad. What keeps me going is remembering her laugh, her smile, and her vibrant outlook. She had a chuckle that everyone adored, and she had a spirit that was just amazing. Everyone loved Tausha.”

Lawrence said she has had some help dealing with her grief. She attends a Parents of Murdered Children grief group that meets monthly in Oil City, and she has also attended grief groups in Las Vegas and in Texas while traveling outside the area.

“But, there’s nothing that can replace Tausha,” she noted. “It’s just a horrible, horrible thing that happened.”

“You wish you could turn back the clock, and you ask yourself, “Is there something more I could have done?”

One thing Lawrence said she’d like people to take from her daughter’s story is the need for people to step up and do something if they believe someone may be in trouble.

“If you see something, if you hear something, say something. Try to help people.

“Every human being should try to assist the people around them if they need it.”

Day Five of the murder trial of Richard Kennedy will resume on Monday, April 8, at 8:00 a.m.

Kennedy is charged with Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Murder (with Amanda Cypher, who is also charged in Baker’s death but is being tried separately); two counts of Aggravated Assault (one a Felony 1 count and the other a Felony 2 count); two counts of Kidnapping (one to Facilitate a Felony and one to Inflict Injury/Terror); Possession of an Instrument of Crime; Possession of a Weapon; Abuse of a Corpse; and Tampering With/Fabricating Evidence.

The trial is scheduled through Thursday, April 18.


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