New Literacy and Opportunity For Teens Program Coming to Oil City

| September 6, 2018

OIL CITY, Pa. (EYT) – The Oil City Library will be playing host to teens and adolescents interested in expanding their horizons with the new LOFT: Literacy and Opportunity For Teens Program.

The new program, designed by Library Assistant and Teen Librarian Natalie Cubbon, seeks to give teens and adolescents an opportunity to discover new things through a wide range of available activities, from writing to robotics and coding to art.

“I’ve been looking to start a regular program here. We haven’t had anything regular for that age group,” Cubbon said. “We have a lot of things for younger kids. Our children’s librarian does Full Steam Ahead with science, technology, and math. What I wanted to do was to start something like that, but not start it with any specific area of interest.”

“There’s never been anything here before like this. We’ve had a teen book club, called Teen Reading Lounge, but this is the first reading plus activities for teens program,” Cubbon continued.

The program is for young people ages 13 to 19, and it will meet every other Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Oil City Library.

It is completely free to attend, and a library card is not required to participate. There is no registration, no mandatory attendance, and Cubbon said teens and adolescents should feel free to drop in for whatever program dates they like.

“It’s just an opportunity to come in and do something cool,” Cubbins said.

Though there is no set schedule for activities at the moment, the list of activities and topics planned is extensive, including board games, video games, DIY’s, art, book discussions, volunteering, movie nights, activism, coding, robotics, STEM activities, giveaways, multimedia filming and editing, career exploration, writing/poetry, trivia nights, team-building, leadership, competitions, graphic design, and more to be announced.

“It’s really more than just literacy; it’s an opportunity for all different types of learning,” Cubbins said.

Cubbins has high hopes for the program, seeking to bring more young people into the library, while also allowing them to explore different topics and even possible career paths for their future.

“What I would like to end up doing is to generate enough interest and get a big enough crowd to have it once a week or more. I’d like to get more kids in here and get more kids reading and learning and exploring those kinds of career activities.”

Cubbins is also considering the idea of spinning off the most popular topics into their own special groups or meeting times.

“I’d love to do it every week, or maybe start specific types of programs in addition to this, possibly teen coding or robotics night.”

“We need to provide a place that can foster that kind of learning and put on those activities for kids.”

The program kicks off on Thursday, September 27.

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