Poll Results: Venango County Needs More Restaurants, Shopping, and Jobs

| June 11, 2018

Seneca St in Oil City, PA. Photo Courtesy Kyle Yates Photography.
VENANGO CO., Pa. – We recently asked our readers on our Facebook page and on exploreVenango.com which of the following amenities they would like to see added to the area.

(Seneca Street, Oil City, Pa. Photo courtesy Kyle Yates Photography.)

  • More Restaurants
  • New Grocery Store
  • More Retail
  • More Parking
  • Better Public Transit
  • More Access to Broadband Internet
  • More Housing Options
  • Kids Activities
  • More Bars/Breweries
  • Other

Of the hundreds of responses, an additional grocery store, more restaurants, and better retail and grocery shopping options dominated the responses.

Although the Franklin and Oil City areas boast their fair share of dining options, many noted that there needs to be even more options for local diners.

Facebook commenter, Hilbilly Whitley, cited the requirement for local residents to drive to Butler or Pittsburgh to get a good meal.

“Good restaurants. Not fast food restaurants. Good restaurants. I have to drive to Erie, Butler, or Pittsburgh to get a good meal.”

Grocery shopping and retail shopping options were also two popular responses. Many seem to want to see a large grocery outlet to move into the area that can compete with WalMart.

Some point to the lack of availability of fashionable options when it comes to retail in Venango County.

Others believe that it is more than one amenity that is needed in Venango County, but rather a sort of overhaul.

Mary V. Campbell commented on Facebook that there are many different angles that can be taken to improve the county.

“More retail. Somewhere to get decent clothes without driving to Erie or Butler. More sit down restaurants that aren’t super expensive like the ones downtown. Activities for all ages. Not just kids but adults and the elderly. A better movie theater that has more than three movies and the movies stay in the theater for more than a week. More community activities like 5Ks for local charities or animal rescues. Stuff to get people out and bring people to the area that is not just Applefest.”

While some pointed to the lack of activities, others pointed out that Venango County has a wealth of activities that are not being taken advantage of nearly enough.

“So many people are wanting ‘activities,'” wrote Christopher John. “I’m not from this area but moved here. You people live in the land of outdoor recreation. Teach your child to hunt, fish, ride a bike, hike, birdwatch, kayak, canoe, camp, etc.”

Joe Rice echoed John’s sentiments.

“I see people on here looking for activities for kids. I grew up in Venango County, and we had about as much to do back then as we do today. Give your kids a bicycle, make them play outdoors, etc. We always found something to do.”

While a plethora of amenities was discussed on our Facebook post, one common idea that most agreed that the County is in dire need of is more well-paying jobs.

Possibly the addition of some of these amenities could kill two birds with one stone?

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