‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’ Debuts on Friday

| February 16, 2017

youthFRANKLIN, Pa. – The FCOA Youth theatre program will present its 16th annual ALL YOUTH Musical “Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies” on Friday, February 17, and Saturday, February 18, at the Barrow-Civic Theatre.

The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, and 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

The show boasts over 80 youth from the surrounding areas participating in all aspects of the production. The youth theatre program includes not only the youth on stage as actors but working the back stage as well including building set, props, and running all the technical aspects (lights, sound, and special effects).

The show is under stage and music direction of Martha LaVerde-Heise; choreography direction of Kelly Zerbe; costume direction of Angela Carothers; back stage technical direction of Jill Kellner; and assisted technical assistance by Jessica Rodriguez.

About the Play

The curtain rises on our poetic playwright and narrator Billy Wigglestick (Noel Bunyak of Cranberry), who sets the scene of Sherwood. First, we meet Marion (Madison Kish of Grove City), her over-protective guardian Nursie (Brooke Whitling of Cranberry) with her helpers (Addilyn McGarvie and Addison Schnitzer of Oil City) and her short-sighted nephew Will Scarlet (Jackson Donovan of Franklin). Through some humorous banter, we discover the villagers’ dislike for King John (Jacob Graham of Franklin) and the Sheriff of Nottingham (Devin Zerbe of Cranberry), who are in charge while King Richard (Aymen Braiber of Franklin) is away on crusades.


Marion urges her neighbors to help her stand up to them when they come. The Sheriff arrives, joined by his gang of guards (Mason Albert, Mariner Perry and Colin Zerbe all of Cranberry; Adrew Fox of Oil City; Garrett Ostergard of Franklin), and proclaims that all taxes are doubled. Despite the villagers’ complaints, Marion’s insults and Nursie’s “charm,” the Sheriff cannot be dissuaded and demands his money by noon before sweeping off, followed by his men. Unable to pay, the villagers sadly prepare to move out. The Merry Men (Brayden Brown, Mason Brown, Kaitlynn Moore and Ellabay Perry all of Cranberry; Lillie Heise and Alexandra Webster of Oil City; Jasey Donovan of Franklin and Jackie Higby of Slippery Rock) led by Robin Hood (Matthew Myers of Oil City) – a team of highly trained professionals – to the rescue.

In Nottingham Castle, King John is depressed at his poor popularity rating. In an effort to lighten his mood, the Sheriff summons the overly cheerful dungeon masters Garrett (Jordan Zerbe of Cranberry) and Gavin (Steven Heise of Oil City) with their strange assistant Genghis (Alexa Boley of Cranberry). They bring two prisoners, ridiculous robbers Grabbit (Megan Heckathorn of Franklin) and Bolt (Maddy Bunyak of Cranberry), and begin to torture them with ticklish feather dusters to amuse their sad sovereign. Their torture is short lived; however, as their comical flattery of King John persuades him to release them and make them the Sheriff’s new henchmen. A reluctant Sheriff agrees, and together they set off for Sherwood.


Back in Sherwood, the Merry Men receive an enthusiastic welcome from the excited villagers. They are further impressed with their so-called “heroes” when Robin declares that The Merry Men will slay their visitors in the aisles and knock them dead. Will Scarlet displays his dubious archery skills and his comically rebounding arrow eventually hits his target. The Merry Men invite Will to join their troupe. They are hopeless heroes however, and each attempted robbery of the wealthy travelers (Bailey McMahon and Ashley Barletta both of Oil City) collapses comically into chaos. The Sheriff has a secret meeting with Grabbit and Bolt giving them his kidnapping kit in order to capture Robin, warning them that the outlaw may be in disguise. They spy Marion muttering to herself and believe her to be Robin in a devious disguise. Despite their incompetence, they eventually manage to kidnap Marion and take her back to Nottingham Castle.

Grabbit and Bolt reveal their mistaken kidnap victim to King John, and the Sheriff realizes that, with Marion as bait, Robin will soon walk into his trap. As they leave to prepare, Robin and his rescue party arrive and split up to find Marion. With lots of puns, fun, and musical numbers, the story takes us through a hilarious adaptation of the story.

About the Actors

The ensemble of scouts include: Kayla Hanna, Kelsey Hanna, and Allison Rembold of Cranberry; Riley Heffernan, Isabella Peterson, and Izzy Ramfos of Franklin; Emma Kish of Grove City; Alivia Bish, Sarah Fox, Kaylee Hibbard, and Lily Mendoza of Oil City; and Maggie Elan of Titusville.

The ensemble of Speaking Villagers include: Carley Gulnac and Ailish McGrail of Cranberry; Trista Clelland, Emily Fox, Genevieve Hoover, Lauren Pastrano, and Emilie Ruhlman of Franklin; Lizzy Hoovler and Hannah Krug of Oil City; Rebekah Askey of Mercer; and Nemah Saylor of Emlenton.

The ensemble of Sherwood Villagers include: Dane Wenner, Darien Wenner, and Conner Zerbe of Cranberry; Madison Amsden, Maya Asche, Martina Baughman, Kaylee Chamberlain, Emily Gates, Kyel Harry, Allison Perdue, and Ryah Smith of Franklin; Kayla Fagley, Haylana Miller, and Shalyn Whittemore of Oil City; Ruth Askey of Mercer; and Tyler Higby of Slippery Rock. The tech crew includes: Elizabeth Amero, Abigail Kreidler, Mazie Mellring, Jessica Wilson and Sophia Wilson of Oil City; Britton Backer, Caden Hagg, and Keller Harry of Franklin; Ashton Kish of Grove City; and River Perry of Cranberry.

Other Information

The Cost: Adult $12.00; Senior $11.00; and Student/Child $10.00

Barrow-Civic Theatre is located at 1223 Liberty Street, Franklin, Pa.

For more information, call 814-437-3440 or Toll-Free: 1-800-537-7769.

Visit Barrow-Civic Theatre’s website for upcoming events.

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