Wilshire Column: Just Another Wall Without a Brick

| January 14, 2019

When I was looking for a topic for a column the other day, many ideas were tossed out to see what sticks to the wall.

Speaking of The Wall, if one is actually completed, I see where a steel wall is being suggested in place of a concrete wall. If we must have a wall instead of better border enforcement, maybe we should look at building it out of recycled plastic. Just look at all of the plastic showing up in the oceans.  For some reason, it was never recycled, and it certainly won’t disappear.

I’ve always been suspicious about the eventual fate of the many plastic bottles I toss into recycling containers – hoping they don’t end up in a garbage dump.

Here’s what they could do:  

Collect all of the plastic drinking bottles and all discarded plastic from within the United States and anyone willing to contribute from the oceans (maybe Aquaman is not busy since he is done with his movie) and place it by the border.  We would have to build a frame, of course.  Next, we would have to melt it and pour the plastic into the frame or mold.

It probably wouldn’t be difficult to melt the plastic because it’s so hot by the border.  The frame would have to allow for a wide wall, one that is dense and smooth enough to hold off caravans and be slippery enough to prevent climbing.

We could have national collections of plastic bottles, and groups could then send all of them to the border central office. You could also probably mail them to the White House, but I’m not sure that would be appreciated. I’m sure the White House could contribute many Diet Coke bottles.

Problem solved. Mission accomplished.

A plastic wall would also provide something that so far no one else has provided. With so many clear pop bottles and water bottles, you would probably be able to see through the new wall.

Transparency at last.

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