Doc Fee Is the Galahad of the Franklin Knight’s Roundtable

| October 12, 2021

Who is the perfect Knight? If you study roundtable lore there is a huge debate about which of King Arthur’s prized chivalrous army was indeed the best of the best.

(Article and photos by: Richard Sayer of Eight & 322)

After last week’s acknowledgment by Franklin High School that Dr. William Fee was worthy of being inducted into the school’s hall of fame, I think we can say he has a seat at the table and may be the perfect Knight.

If you ever saw him tear out onto the football field on his 79-year-old legs to tend to a fallen Knight, you would know he is indeed, Galahad. perfect in courage and gentleness.

Doc Fee is pretty matter-of-fact about when he started being the Franklin team physician. “I can’t remember!”

It’s not a flippant response from someone avoiding the question, it really doesn’t matter to him. It is what he does. “It’s the right thing to do.”

The doc has had to deal with the rough and tumble of the past being in Oakland Califonia in the early 70s and working as a psyche consultant for the Oakland Raiders. He has tales of the shenanigans of early 70s football to tell but admits he was a tad nervous when he had to give a few players a not ready-to-play diagnosis. “I told them my name was Dr. Jones,” he said with a smile.

He was a VietNam era army doc serving stateside and he eventually made his way to Franklin to practice and he has been a valuable community member ever since.

Doc Fee admits he was a 100-pound wideout in high school but decided football wasn’t for him as a player, But he has dedicated a great deal of his life to being on the sidelines of football games and he is heart and soul taking care of these Franklin Knights. As for being recognized by the school, he humbly states that it “is quite an honor.”

But, if you ask him why he does it…”It’s because it is the right thing to do.” At 79 years old he can still be seen running on to the field when a player is down or checking a player on the sidelines

Personally, meeting folks like Doc Fee is why I love what I do.

He is an old dude who still cares about the future. Approaching his 80th birthday, he still loves working with kids and teaches them about what being dedicated is all about.

And humility.

Recently I was invited into the locker room prior to a home game. Doc Fee was there and when it came time for a little hydration before taking the field, he stood there and poured cup after cup of water to hand each player. This wasn’t the act of an all-important doctor, but of a Franklin Knight.

A humble, gentle, courteous, chivalrous, courageous, and perfect Knight!

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