Franklin Man Accused of Sending Threatening Letters to Officials, Others

| October 23, 2018

FRANKLIN, Pa. (EYT) – A Franklin man allegedly sent threatening letters to several officials and others Venango County residents.

Court documents indicate that the Franklin-based State Police filed the following criminal charges against 61-year-old Nicholas Joel Borgia of Franklin:

  • Retaliation Against Prosecutor or Judicial Official, Felony 2
  • Terroristic Threats With Intent To Terrorize Another Misdemeanor 1 (two counts)
  • Stalking – Repeatedly Communicate To Cause Fear, Misdemeanor 1 (two counts)
  • Retaliation For Past Official Action, Misdemeanor 2 (two counts)
  • Harassment – Communicate Repeatedly in Anonymous Manner, Misdemeanor 3 (six counts)

Details of the case:

According to a criminal complaint, threatening letters were sent to Judge Robert Boyer, District Attorney Shawn White, Venango County Commissioner Albert Anthony Abramovic, two known lawyers, as well as other Venango County residents who were connected in some manner to Borgia.

Around 1:00 p.m. on April 10, Trooper Haun of the Franklin-based State Police interviewed the first victim, Judge Robert Boyer, of the Venango County Court of Common Pleas, in his chambers at the Venango County Courthouse. Also present during the interview was District Attorney D. Shawn White, Legal Assistant Becky White, Assistant District Attorney Kyle Peasley, and Corporal Palm, of the Franklin-based State Police.

Letter To Judge Boyer

According to the complaint, Judge Boyer indicated that he received an anonymous letter in the mail at his residence from an unknown individual(s) and stated that when he received the letter, it was in a white envelope with one single American Flat stamp in the top right corner. The envelope had no return address or name on the top left corner. At the bottom of the envelope, there was a barcode and a series of numbers and letters.

The envelope was addressed to Judge Boyer at his home address, which was written in cursive handwriting. The person who wrote the letter did not sign it. Judge Boyer related that he placed the letter back inside the envelope and put the envelope in a clear plastic bag as evidence.

The letter read:


You are the world’s biggest (expletive) and married to the world’s biggest (deleted). We all used to (deleted) in high school before she (deleted). She used to (deleted). You recently sentenced me to an unfair amount of time to state prison and I will not forget it, especially since I was innocent. Luckily, I still have friends and family on the outside who all hate you as much as I do. How do you sleep at night you dumb goofy looking (expletive) when you destroy people’s lives? Just remember that what goes around comes around and karma is a (expletive). I hope to see you sooner than you think.

Letter to District Attorney White

According to the complaint, District Attorney D. Shawn White also received a letter at a residence on that same day, April 9. The envelope/letter was placed in a clear plastic bag by White and given to Trooper Haun.

On the front of White’s envelope, there was one single American Flag stamp in the top right corner. to the left of the stamp was “Pittsburgh PA 150.” Under the information was “06 APR 2018 PH 9L.” The envelope had no return address on the top left corner. At the bottom of the envelope, there was a barcode and a series of numbers.

The envelope was addressed to White with his home address, which was printed handwriting. The individual who wrote the letter did not sign it.

The complaint notes that although Judge Boyer’s envelope had cursive handwriting and White’s had printed handwriting, they appeared to be written by the same individual.

The letter to District Attorney White read:

Shawn White,

How did a (expletive) idiot like you ever become the DA? Oh yeah, this is Venango County, home of the most idiots in the world. Plus no one else wanted the job. You are a coke head and have illegitimate kids but you walk around like your (expletive) doesn’t stink and its worse than everyone else’s. Then you want to hang everyone else who does the same thing that you do. You are just a piece of (expletive) and one of the most hated people in the county. Everyone in Oil City hates your guts and I am sure that is true of the rest of Venango County. Even the cops think you are a (expletive) because you lie all the time about cases.

No wonder you never show your ugly mug in public, at least up here. You sent me away for quite a while and I obviously am not happy about it, so I hope you die a slow miserable death.

Letter to Commissioner Abramovic

Around 2:00 p.m. on July 3, Trooper Haun went to the Venango County Courthouse to speak with County Detective Swatzler who stated that Venango County Commissioner Albert Anthony Abramovic brought him an anonymous letter inside a white envelope for his to review.

Detective Swatzler related that he was familiar with the letters that Judge Boyer and District Attorney White had received in April and believed this letter was from the same unknown suspect.

The letter to Commissioner Abramovic read:

Dear Albert, I recently saw you in the new brewery with all your (expletive) friends trying to act like you are some big shot executive. You are a joke! Only in this rinky dink red neck town could a (expletive) like you be a county commissioner who are all jokes. Nobody else wants the job. You are always strutting around town like you are Donald Trump or something. You are a drunk piece of (expletive) and a disgrace to the community. Why don’t you get a real job at least do something beneficial for the county instead of wearing your cheap three piece suite [sic], walking around and trying to impress people. People laugh at you. What is your background? Cutting grass like Forest Gump at a golf course your (expletive) step father was given to him? Oh yeah, then you worked with that other (expletive) (deleted)? Who acts just like you. That was a first class brokerage business! You would not know a good investment if it bit you in the (expletive). What do you do all day (expletive)? Keep acting all cocky like you do and your (expletive) is going to get whipped pretty soon. One last thing, you apparently think you are some sort of ladies’ man but they all laugh at you too and talk about the big snooze you must have gotten from your mother. I hope not to see you soon [expletive].

Letter to Attorney

On August 14, Assistant District Attorney Kyle Peasley brought to Trooper Haun’s attention that another known attorney had received an anonymous hate mail type letter, which read:

You short, fat, bald, ugly (expletive) eyed stupid (expletive). You defended me in a criminal matter and promised that I would get off on probation. Instead I got jail time because of you. My life was a living hell in there and my wife and kids were crying the whole time I was in there. You were so non-caring that I made me hate and despise you. All you were about was the money. You don’t care about your clients. Believe me I am going to tell everyone I know and that they know never ever to use you for anything. You must have got it to law school because you are disabled and blind as a bat. That should have been my first clue. I am certain that wherever you went you graduated at the bottom of your class.

Maybe you even got your degree on line! Anyhow, you have not heard the last from me, my family and all my good friends.

Second Letters to Judge Boyer and Attorney

Around 3:00 p.m. on August 21, Trooper Haun went to the Venango County District Attorney’s Office to retrieve the original envelopes and letters that were sent to Judge Boyer and the attorney, who had by the received additional letters.

The complaint notes that on these envelopes, Judge Boyer and the attorney’s names and home addresses were printed in the middle of the envelope using a label maker.

The second letter to Judge Boyer read:


How are you doing (expletive)? And how is the (deleted) you married doing? You know, you are a marked man in Venango County by a lot of people including lots of my friends you also sentenced you jail or prison. I would hate to be you as karma is a real (expletive). Just wanted to let you know we are out here waiting for the right time. You will regret ever becoming a judge you scrawny little (expletive)

The second letter to the attorney read:

Hey (expletive) eye,

How’s it going? You have to be the worst attorney in the (expletive) world. Me and my colleagues at the jail exchanged stories about you all the time and how we all (expletive) up by having you represent us. Oh well, live and learn huh? You are definitely going to get what you have coming to you as you sold us all out with your lawyer talk [expletive]. All you wanted and cared about was the almighty dollar you little bald ugly (expletive). Take care.

Second Attorney Receives Letters

Around 1:00 p.m. on October 12, Trooper Haun spoke to another known attorney at his office in Franklin. The attorney related he received three letters in the mail at his residence that appeared to be from the same person that wrote all of the other letters in this case and indicate that he started to get the letters back in May of 2018. The attorney said the most recent letter he received had been within the past week.

The complaint noted the envelope of the most recent letter had no numerics in front of his address on the envelope and was not postmarked beside the stamp, indicating the letter was most likely hand delivered by the writer or for the writer.

According to the complaint, the following information was in the last paragraph of the first letter to the attorney:

You ruined my life and you deserve the same. Not only are you responsible for me losing my wife and kids but my retirement is now half gone, and I lost my house. You will pay one way or the other maybe soon, maybe later. My family and I know how to find you, you piece of (expletive). Till then.

Interview with Known Female

Around 2:12 p.m. on Friday, October 19, Trooper Haun interviewed a known female.

According to the complaint, a known woman stated that her friends brought it to her attention that they received anonymous letters in the mail that were harassing and derogatory in nature. The woman related that she was familiar with an additional letter received by a known man who was her good friend earlier in the summer of 2018. She said her friend believed Nicholas Borgia sent the letter, so he sent Borgia a letter back in return.

The woman said that she started to learn of many other individuals who had received letters in the mail that were terrorizing in nature. She said all the people that have been receiving letters have a connection to Borgia.

The woman related to Trooper Haun that in the morning hours of Thursday, October 18, she drove to Borgia’s residence and started to “snoop” around. She noted that Borgia knew she was going to his house.

According to the complaint, the woman reported that in the open dining office area of Borgia’s house is an oak desk. She said she opened the desk drawer and saw boxes of white envelopes with paper stapled together with Borgia’s handwriting on the paper. She said that the paper was a long list of people’s names and addresses, as well as some of the people’s family members names. The woman reported that she discovered that every person on the list had received terrorizing letters, including Judge Boyer, District Attorney White, Commissioner Abramovic, the two attorneys, and her friend.

The complaint notes that Trooper Haun interviewed all of the individuals during the investigation and all of them had received threatening letters.

According to the complaint, the woman indicated there were also plastic gloves in the desk beside the paper. She related this was disturbing to her because she now knew that Borgia was “acting crazy and secretive,” and she didn’t know “what he’s capable of next.” She also reported that were were American Flag stamps beside the paper in the desk and showed Trooper Haun photographs she had taken of the items.

Borgia Arraigned, Jailed-Bail Denied, Awaiting Preliminary Hearing

Based on the investigation, Borgia was arraigned at 9:05 p.m. on Friday, October 19, in Magisterial District Judge Matthew T. Kirtland’s office.

Court documents indicate that Borgia was denied bail. The bail action reason was listed: “Danger to others. Will not comply with bail conditions.”

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 24, with Judge Kirtland presiding.

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