Local Teen with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy Chosen as Prom King

| May 5, 2015

AlexProm2TITUSVILLE, Pa. (EYT) – For any teenage boy, being crowned prom king is a big deal. It’s one of those moments that you’ll remember forever, a highlight of your high school days. For Alex Joyce, a senior at Titusville High School, it’s a moment that he never thought he’d see.

Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), the 19-year-old hasn’t been able to walk for the last nine years. Last weekend, the smiling teenager who said he was “surprised and excited they (classmates) voted for me” was crowned prom king.

As the crowd clapped and cheered, Alex Joyce sat on the stage in front of his fellow classmates with pure joy emanating from his smile. The feeling of pride and compassion filled the Hawaiian-themed gymnasium, as Alex and prom queen, Morgan Estok, stole the spotlight on the dance floor savoring one of the sweetest moments of their senior year.

Instead of letting his disability hold him back, Alex, with a giant grin, proudly enjoyed his extra special night with his friends, classmates, school faculty, and family.

Alex’s parents said they were touched by the honor given to their son last weekend and proud of the students who voted for him.

“We are so proud of Alex and his classmates. They made a great memory for him. We would like to thank Alexandra Rybczyk, Alex’s escort, and everyone at Titusville High School for accommodating to Alex’s needs,” said his parents Krystal Lehman and Bob Joyce, both of Titusville.

Hannah Leamer, a teacher at Titusville High School and Junior Class/Prom Coordinator, said the election was a source of satisfaction for the whole school and that Alex and Morgan got the honors they deserved.

“I have only had the pleasure to know Alex for the past two years, since I moved to the Titusville area. As soon as I met him, it was clear that he was a bright, enthusiastic, happy student, with a great taste in a professional hockey team (Penguins), who would never let a disability or diagnosis get him down or make him different,” said Leamer.AlexProm1

“As I was counting the ballots for prom court, it brought me to tears seeing his classmates vote him onto prom court. It was by a landslide that Alex won his title as king, which I believe says an enormous amount about how his peers feel about him. Alex has touched so many students with his positivity and passion for life that he deserves being the king of the Titusville High School prom.”

The students of Titusville High School took pride in the crowing on their prom king, describing Alex as a gallant, admirable, and motivational addition to their school.

“All of our hard work and dedication in building prom was well worth the many hours to see Alex crowned as king,” said fellow student and Junior Class President, Olivia Garrett.

The queen of the evening, Morgan Estok, found it to be privilege and honor to share her newly nominated title with Alex.

“I felt extremely privileged to be prom queen alongside Alex as king. He is truly an exceptional person and is beyond admirable. Alex faces challenges every day, yet remains positive, and I think that is what makes him such a role model to all of our classmates. His determination and his refusal to give up is an inspiration unlike any other,” said Prom Queen Morgan Estok.

By the end of the night, the smile was still gleaming on the newly elected prom king’s face, and he was beyond excited to be Titusville High School’s prom king. Alex said he had a night to remember and wanted to thank his fellow classmates for that moment.

“I had an awesome senior prom, and I am very thankful my classmates voted for me.”

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