Live from Franklin: It’s Cold Case True Crime with Gavin Fish

| August 4, 2022

FRANKLIN, Pa.(EYT) – On July 1, 2017, Gavin and Kimberly Fish and five children from Sacramento, California, arrived in Franklin to start a new life.

(Pictured above: The Franklin Fish Family – from left to right: Jackson, Caroline, Grace, Josie, Kimberly, Fred, and Gavin.)

Gavin’s work as a marketing consultant for high-end audio equipment meant he could do much of his work from home. After researching locations, Franklin was selected and they bought a Victorian home on Elk Street.

After everyone adjusted to the differences between Franklin and Sacramento, the Fish family loved their new home and the plan was working.

It was working until 2019 when COVID hit and businesses had to restructure, and even high-end audio equipment felt the change.

Without a job, Gavin had to take a look at what career path to take. Some friends encouraged him to look at YouTube for opportunities. Following a road less traveled at the time, Gavin found himself investigating cold cases and reporting about his investigations on YouTube.

“I love figuring out things, and this has turned out well for me, and I’ve helped to solve many cold cases,” Fish said. “My goal is always to help bring justice to people who deserve it.”

Favorite spot at home.

Gavin Fish True Crime now has more than 40,000 followers on YouTube. Fish receives payments from YouTube based on the number of views and advertisements. Fish also has a presence on Patreon where viewers can support his work.

While his career took a different path, Fish does not regret his move to Franklin.

Three of his children graduated from Franklin High School, and his wife is a fitness instructor at the Franklin YMCA. He likes Franklin so much that he encouraged his brother and sister-in-law to move to the area.

At the risk of using a terrible pun, he felt like a fish out of water, however, he was not originally a fan of True Crime.

“I started my journey into investigating unsolved crimes in 2019 when a friend suggested that it might be fun to make a YouTube channel, and True Crime was something he was passionate about,” Fish said.

The first case they looked at was the 1970 kidnapping and murder of Judith Ann Hakari, a 23-year-old nurse in Sacramento, CA.

Within days filled with poring through old newspaper clippings and archival footage, we found connections to three other crimes in the Sacramento Valley. Within weeks, they unearthed information that police never had, found witnesses that investigators never questioned, and identified the first legitimate suspect in one of the crimes in 50 years.

“We gave all of the information to the authorities, and I was hooked. The victims of these horrible crimes became more than just names and old, grainy black-and-white photographs. I wanted justice for them.

“I felt almost like I had an addiction to solving puzzles. I needed to solve them.”

One of his latest cases is the death of 27-year-old Ellen Rae Greenberg who died on January 26, 2011. An autopsy the next day revealed Greenberg suffered 20 stab wounds to her chest, abdomen, head, and neck. A knife was also found embedded 10 centimeters into her chest. The death was ruled a suicide.

Fish questioned the suicide and claimed that Attorney General Josh Shapiro had an appearance of a conflict as charges and the case investigation languished.

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“For me, the most important aspect of the work I do is unearthing documents that previously had never seen the light of day. Poring over, organizing, and analyzing data is one of the things I’m good at. As I’ve made this journey, I’ve become a proficient researcher and have learned how to find the information I’m after,” continued Fish.

“Frequently, law enforcement agencies and courts of law do their best to hide information within a labyrinth of bureaucracy and red tape. Often, my job has been to cut through all of it to dig out the truth and publish it publicly.

“That’s why as you look through my cases, you’ll find thousands of pages of documents on these cases that are only available here on my website.”

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