SPONSORED: MHY Family Services Saves Lives with Revolutionary Multisystemic Therapy

| February 9, 2024

Screenshot at May 17 13-27-35Mental health care is vital–and the growing need for it is overwhelming our healthcare system.

Luckily, MHY Family Services is bringing a revolutionary solution to the table—Multisystemic Therapy: Psychiatric Care, or MST-Psych.

MHY is the first provider to bring this visionary program to Pennsylvania, and the first provider in the country to receive approval to use Medicaid funding.

This groundbreaking program for children ages nine to 17 yields scientifically proven results that transform lives, restore family stability and heal our youth–right in the comfort of home. And, with highly trained therapists available 24/7, MHY is at the forefront of this fast, effective, and groundbreaking treatment phenomenon.

MST-Psych is producing life-changing outcomes:

  • Decreasing suicide attempts
  • Improving family relations
  • Increasing caregiver empowerment
  • Improving community health
  • Reducing the need for costlier services

“Access to evidence-based services is more critical than ever, especially in rural areas,” said Joni Schwager, Executive Director of the Staunton Farm Foundation. “Staunton Farm Foundation is happy to partner with MHY to bring MST-Psychiatric Care to Butler County.”

“As families seek care for their child today, they may face long waiting lists, insufficient care and treatment available only outside of the home,” MHY Executive Director Lisa Schiller noted.

“Through our partnerships with MST Services, Butler County Department of Human Services, and Staunton Farm Foundation of Pittsburgh, MHY launched the first Multisystemic Therapy: Psychiatric Care program in Butler and Beaver counties.”

Success Story: Back on Track

Two suicide attempts. Four hospitalizations. Overdosed on antidepressants.

This was Angie’s life from ages 6 to 16. Nothing was working, and her parents felt paralyzed. When Mom called MHY for help, she learned of a new in-home treatment called Multisystemic Therapy: Psychiatric Care.

As the first program of its kind in Pennsylvania, MST-Psych yields scientifically proven results that address serious behavioral problems, mental health symptoms, and suicidal behavior.

After just three months of in-home treatment, Mom began to see noticeable results.

“This program gave us our daughter back,” she said. “Our daughter has been drug-free, has not been hospitalized, and is attending school again. She is looking like a happy and healthy teen.”

When asked about her progress in MST-Psych, Angie said, “I really do think it saved my life.”

Multisystemic Therapy Programs

At MHY, we never stop working toward our mission of keeping youth and families together in their homes and communities.

We are the only organization in the world implementing all three MST programs: Standard, Psychiatric Care and Problem Sexual Behavior. As a 20-year provider of MST, MHY has changed the game of in-home care and transformed countless lives.

All MST programs:

  • Target influences that contribute to growing antisocial or illegal behavior.
  • Are intensive and evidence-based.
  • Provide 24/7 support from highly trained therapists.
  • Offer caregivers the tools they need to help troubled youth.

Our groundbreaking MST programs are just getting started.

MHY has expanded to seven comprehensive MST teams. Our team has grown by 140% since last year.

MHY exceeded the national MST targets again this year.

  • 93% of youth completing MST are living at home (target is 90%).
  • 97% of youth completing MST have no new arrests (target is 90%).
  • 100% of MHY MST teams are scoring above adherence thresholds

Success Story: The Power of Family

Jessie was struggling. Increasingly frustrated and angry, she became threatening to her family and peers.

Jessie had received mental health services, but nothing was working.

When Jessie was referred to MHY’s MST program, she and her family knew something was different. Abigaile Rosen, Jessie’s MST therapist, equipped Jessie and her family with new communication strategies and de-escalation techniques designed to reduce conflict.

“I helped Jessie identify coping skills to reduce her anxiety, which was found to be at the root of her anger,” Abigaile said.

Through the determination and commitment of the entire family, Jessie successfully completed her treatment and is on the path to returning to school and developing healthier friendships.

(Names have been changed to protect client identity.)

Why MHY Family Services?

MHY Family Services is an organization that you can be proud to be a part of, where you will be coached, challenged, and empowered to grow as a person and a professional. MHY Family Services (MHY) is over 140 years old and a non-profit organization that provides support and services through educational and community-based programming all over Pennsylvania, primarily in Western PA. MHY strives to meet the changing needs of at-risk youth and their families through a practical and holistic approach to treatment. Youth and families have the opportunity to learn skills that help them manage and cope with trauma-based issues and to re-engage with home, school and community.

For more information about MHY Family Services visit https://mhyfamilyservices.org/

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