What Venango County Residents Are Most Thankful For..

| November 26, 2021

We asked our readers what they are most thankful for. Here are some of the responses:

Allison Amsdell Lingo – “I am thankful that I get to spend the holiday with my oldest son. He graduated from basic training for the Navy today. We will have our Thanksgiving in Chicago!”

Cindy Hopper – “My beautiful little family. Im so blessed to have them in my life ❤️”

Kimberly Berlin – “Health, family’s and friends”

Julie English Howard – “So thankful for my home and family!!🦃😊❤️”

Whitney Matthews Banks – “My family. Portrait by my four year old son Nolan 💙”

Sherri Grove-Wyman – “So thankful for the greatest grandchildren ever! 💜💙💜”

Tera Lee Phillips – “I am thankful for my family. They get me through the darkest of times.”

Jacqueline L Mast Greek – “I am most Thankful for my 7 year old Grandson, Chandler I call him Champ, God gave him a Heart of Gold on March 26 2015.. He got his new heart when he was 7 months old!! He has had 5 open heart surgeries. He has been able to stay out of the hospital for 2 years now, So being able to have Thanksgiving with my family is such a blessing, Champ has more energy then the energized bunny! Also for my other grandson Vincent who loves music and plays the drums and guitar he is good at what he plays, he plays his guitar upside down and backwards! he is only 15 years old! And for my daughter Sheila, who has been able to put with her 2 wonderful sons!”

Heidi Corbett – “Thankful for the holiday helpful spirit! If it wasn’t for others helping during this upcoming year a lot of families that have struggled due to covid are able to have a thanksgiving and Christmas. Might not be what they “want” but they are able to have something on their tables or under the tree this year! It makes me realize the gift of giving is still alive today! It’s amazing what everyone does for people they don’t even know. If you are the ones that are giving and can help families this year, THANK YOU!”

Panda Ray – “I’ thankful for the steel city historical fencing club I joined in Pittsburgh this year. I have learned a lot about fighting with german longswords. Best of all were my new friends I made!”

Let us know what you are thankful for and view more responses here.

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