Woman Charged After Two Dogs Found Emaciated in East Brady Residence

| March 8, 2023

Woman Charged After Two Dogs Found Emaciated in East Brady ResidenceEAST BRADY, Pa. (EYT) – An East Brady woman has been charged with animal neglect after two dogs were found emaciated inside her residence.

Court documents indicate the Southern Clarion County Regional Police Department filed criminal charges against 46-year-old Danielle M. McCune, of East Brady, on March 1 in Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey C. Miller’s office.

According to a criminal complaint, Danielle McCune is facing charges after a known female called the Southern Clarion County Regional Police on February 20 to report possible cruelty to animals toward two mixed breed dogs at a residence on the 300 block of Second Street, in East Brady, Clarion County.

The known female told an officer that a dog had just recently died at the residence and that there were two dogs inside the residence that are possibly being neglected, according to the complaint.

The complaint notes that the caller was concerned about the dogs’ well-being and requested an officer to do a welfare check.

According to a criminal complaint, on February 21 at approximately 5:15 p.m., the officer responded to the residence in question in an attempt to make contact with an owner. There was no response at the door.

Around 8:30 p.m. the same day, the officer went back to the residence and was met at the door by a female who had identified herself as “Danielle Brink.” It was later discovered that her last name was actually McCune.

The officer advised McCune that a person who wanted to remain anonymous had requested an officer to conduct a welfare check on two dogs at the residence. McCune agreed to let the officer into the residence to check on the condition of the two dogs, the complaint states.

While inside the residence, the officer observed two dogs, both brown in color, unknown breed at the time.

McCune first showed the officer a dog which she said was a dark brown female beagle lab mix, approximately 7 to 8 yrs of age named Zava. Upon observing the dog, the officer noticed that its rib cage was exposed and had extreme emaciation that he determined may be life-threatening. The officer also noticed that the dog’s toenails were overgrown, possibly affecting its gait. The officer asked McCune if the dog had fleas. She had said that it did. The officer asked McCune if the dog had a current 2023 dog license or rabies vaccination. She replied that it did not. The officer took photos of the dog for investigation purposes, the complaint indicates.

McCune then showed the officer the second dog, which she described as a female labradoodle, light brown in color, of unknown age named Lady. Upon observing the dog, the officer noticed that the dog had the same conditions as the first dog, which included the rib cage exposed, the spinal cord was also seen to be exposed, toenails overgrown, possibly affecting its gait, along with extreme emaciation to the point of being life-threatening. The officer asked McCune if the dog had fleas and she replied that it did. McCune was then asked if the dog had a current dog license or rabies vaccination and she said that it did not. The officer took photos of the dog for investigation purposes, the complaint indicates.

After observing the two dogs, the officer asked McCune if she knew what was wrong with the dogs as they are underweight. McCune said that the labradoodle came from her niece and she had thought the dog had worms. The beagle mix, she thought, then got worms from the labradoodle, according to the complaint.

She said she began using over-the-counter worm medication from a tractor supply store. McCune then said that the worm medication was not working, so she fed the dogs Kibbles and Bits. She did not see any growth in the dogs, the complaint states.

McCune said she then got different dog food called Alpo to see if the dogs’ weight would increase. It did not. The officer asked McCune if she had ever taken the dogs to a vet to get looked at once she did not see any progress. She said she did not because she did not have any money, according to the complaint.

On February 23 at 7:50 p.m., the officer was granted a search warrant from Magisterial District Judge Duane Quinn to remove the two dogs from the residence based on their conditions, the complaint states.

At 8:38 p.m., the officer provided McCune with a copy of the search warrant and advised her that he was there to take possession of the dogs. He was at the residence with a PSP Clarion Trooper and an employee of Rainbow Animal Refuge who is a technician at Butler Veterinary Associates, Inc. & Emergency Center, the complaint states.

The officer advised McCune that the technician was going to take the dogs and transport them to Butler Veterinary Associates to get looked at for treatment. McCune was provided with contact information, the complaint continues.

On March 1, the officer received reports from Butler Veterinary Associates regarding the two dogs.

Upon reviewing the reports, it was observed that both dogs had tested positive for hookworm and fleas. The report stated the dog named Lady had soft abdominal palpation, flea dirt appreciated throughout her coat, a thin body condition with a BCS of 3/9, and a soft but formed stool, according to the complaint.

The report observed the dog named Zava’s abdominal palpation was soft pliant, hair was thinning along the dorsum with some scabs present along with multiple wart-like lesions, flea dirt present, muscle wasted along the dorsum, and a BCS of 3/9, the complaint states.

Danielle M. McCune is facing the following charges:

  • Neglect of Animals – Vet Care, Misdemeanor 3 (two counts)
  • Application Dog License/Fees, Penalties, Summary (two counts)
  • Vaccination against Rabies Required – Proof of Vaccination, Summary (two counts)

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 21 at 8:45 a.m. with Judge Miller presiding.

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